Proverbs 4:12

When you walk, your steps will not be hampered;

when you run, you will not stumble.

 Bob and I were driving down the Baja Peninsula.  We had decided on taking the turn over to Bahia de Los Angeles. Descending a hill, we gained our first view of the bay.  We drove past the trash (which, in Baja, always precedes the town) and on into the small community.

We walked along the beach, checked out the launch ramps (both of them), and wondered

about the fishing.  If it was good we could spend the night and go fishing in the morning.

We were approaching a long line of trailers which bordered the gentle waves of the Sea of Cortez. Each small trailer sat evenly on a cement pad and was enclosed in a wooden frame roofed with palm branches.  In front of one were two men and a woman, talking.

We gingerly advanced and asked about the fishing.  It hadn’t been good, we were told.  One of the men was extremely interesting and did most of the talking.  The woman sat down on her trailer steps and proceeded to hand wash clothing out of two buckets in front of her.  I was hoping my husband hadn’t noticed.     Two days into our trip he had started getting that faraway look which was causing me to nervously think about life under palm branches and washing clothes in a bucket.

The man we were talking to was clean and very healthy looking.  As I learned that he and his wife lived in Baja most of the year on their boat, I wondered HOW he stayed so clean and healthy looking. And HOW does one keep his feet that clean coming

ashore in shore boats?  Anyway, Mr. Clean Feet told us he lived down there on around $200.00 a month.  If he could only get his wife to smoke the $.13 a pack Mexican cigarettes he could cut his expenses even more.  He caught most of their food fresh from the ocean and he even made jerky meat out of manta ray!  He was working on a Baja fish cookbook.  I made a mental note not to buy that one.

Mr. Clean Feet said he had owned, and operated, a ranch in Elko, Nevada, several years back.  One day, in 30o below weather, he had taken hay out to the cattle. As he was dropping the bales from the truck, he became totally aware of the cold which was beginning to penetrate his layers of clothing. That’s when Mr. Clean Feet said to himself, why am I doing this!  He returned home and proceeded to sell everything except one hay field.  He bought the boat which was anchored offshore and now spends his time cruising and entertaining.  It seems he has a lot of friends and family who want a taste of the lifestyle, but not the whole meal!  He returns to Nevada only when the temperature gets above 60o.  He harvests his field and makes enough money so he can return to the warmth of Baja for another year.

There does seem to come a time in almost everyone’s life when realization hits and,with it, THE question.  WHY am I doing this?

…….excerpt from “The Traveler’s Companion”…..available at or email author at……………..also available, “Grandma’s Wonderful, Amazing, and Astounding Bag”


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