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By Jerilyn Jackson

Poof! Suddenly all four kids were inside the miniature airplane buzzing around the room! Grandma and her wonderful, amazing, and astounding bag had done it again. This would be a grand adventure indeed! Grandma had already reached into her bag and given out wrapped butterscotch candy to each one of them. She always did that. When the kids all ran to the couch to get the best spot next to Grandma for the story, no one noticed Danny had pulled a few more candies out for himself and had stuffed them in his pockets. He still needed some training in the finer points of politeness and manners. Grandma had started reading, “Once upon a time Jimmy and his Dad took a plane trip. Jimmy had never been inside a plane before…..” “Neither have I,” interrupted Danny. He had dark eyes and dark, thick hair. He always had a grin on his face and he was very curious about all things. “What does it look like inside?” asked Janie, who always had a great curiosity about many things as well. She and Jack both had reddish blonde hair as well as dimples that really showed up whenever they smiled, even a faint smile would make those dimples appear. “Well,” said Grandma, “I think I might have an airplane in here somewhere,” Grandma said as she reached into her wonderful, amazing, and astounding bag. She pulled out a little model airplane. They were all trying to peek inside of the plane at the same time when the “poof!” happened! Thus begins this first book of the series where we meet the children, the parents of the children, the boy across the street, and of course, Grandma and her wonderful, amazing, and astounding bag! Oh, the adventures they have. They take a ride in a miniature airplane and become miniature themselves! They rescue five senators from their kidnappers and save the day for all. They go shopping and Grandma’s bag is stolen (her wonderful, amazing, and astounding bag). They discover a sink hole right there in the lawn of the house across the street and manage to fall in! They have a wonderful ride down a very muddy slide and they solve the case of the missing baseball while making a friend out of a previous enemy. Hopefully we will meet these characters again, plus other grandchildren Grandma visits, and we will watch as Grandma pulls out even more items from her wonderful, amazing, and astounding bag. PURCHASE NOW @:



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