It has been a pretty good year from our standpoint, but it didn’t start out with a bang. As a matter of fact, the calendar I just checked out looks downright boring….between doctor appointments, eye appointments, and dental appointments, not much else happened.

We did attend a lot of sporting events thanks to JB and Jenna, but not much else. This was the year Jenna graduated from 8th grade. That was a fun day. We love watching this young lady grow up!

Of course, there was the highlight of Ben’s wedding to Kari…..But, we missed it. Traveling is a little hard on us so we weren’t there….however, those very thoughtful kids came here to see us. We really enjoyed their visit. In fact, that is something for which we are most thankful, all the visits from our loved ones!

It was a highlight to have Scott and Dayna come see us. Jeremy and Ashley were here, Kathy several times, Timothy, Bonnie & Bruce, Ryan & Danielle, and even a visit from Sylvia all the way from New York state. There have been others, too. All those visits did keep us from getting too bored.

Of course, if you know Susie, you know life is not boring around her at all! I help out in her classroom once a week and that will really keep a body from getting bored!

Bob’s birthday rolled around and we were so happy to have all four of our kids together again! Such fun for us….Thanks to Susie for her organizational skills!…and thanks to Scott, Bonnie & Bruce, and Kathy for traveling to see us!

Normal days, blending into one another…..and …then… came football season. What a trip that JB has taken us on this year! Two loses, and then win after win after win. JB’s runs on TV and his picture in the paper. Interviews and athlete of the week and more rushes and runs and touchdowns then you can count. The season has been very out of the ordinary in that we have played mostly home games and the others in Humboldt County. Bob and I didn’t have to travel. (Does anyone else see God’s hand in this?)

Those great athletes on the Husky team have taken us all the way to the state finals! There they are…..the Fortuna Huskies! And, yes, those boys even play in the mud!

…..And…………..they WON! California CIF 5A state champions… Fortuna Huskies! Great team with a great team captain! Gotta love that boy and his whole family! On second thought, our life is not boring at all. Kids and grandkids keep us busy, and we are very, very thankful for each and every one!

“You’ll find boredom where there is the absence of a good idea.” -Earl Nightingale. But, maybe, really, boredom is just the absence of the knowledge of a Good God. One who loves, comforts, guides, and holds us close through every phase of life. So, no, we aren’t bored, although we might seem boring to some. 

May your year be filled with the presence of Jesus…..Who is never boring.

Love and blessings to all………. Bob & Jerilyn 



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